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The Liquid Gloal Hack
China and North Korea Issue

In August 2021 Japanese exchange Liquid Global suspends trading and announces theft of approximately $90 million in crypto. We follow the crypto across chains and tumblers.

November 13 2021

The Kucoin Hack
China and North Korea Issue

In September 2020 a Hong Kong based bitcoin exchange admitted $280 million worth of crypto was stolen. Approximately 1008 stolen BTC remained unspent until October. We follow the trail.

December 15 2020

Toxic Recall Attack - Unwinding JoinMarket Case Study
The Cold Case Files Issue

We crack open a cold case from 2015 where a Reddit user claimed a 445 BTC loss due to a wallet hack. We follow the coins through the JoinMarket mixer and asses the likely destination of the stolen funds thanks to the Toxic Recall attack.

June 02 2020